Warwick Castle Drive In Movies

The screen will be located on the Pageant Field.

Enter via the Stratford Road Car park and follow the signs for coach parks. You will then enter the event at the Peacock Gate. Follow the signs and the parking stewards will direct you.

  • You must provide your Registration Number for the car you are going to attend the event in. This will be used onsite to identify your booking. If you need to change your vehicle please contact at the earliest opportunity to provide your new registration plate.

  • Upon arrival at the event your vehicle number plate will be scanned and your booking will be verified. Please stop at the speaker collection point before entering the arena. This will also be the collection point for any pre-ordered hampers.

  • Please make sure you have your engines turned off during the film. Remember it may get cold so please bring warm clothing/blankets with you. Drivers side windows can be open.

  • At the end of the event you will pass a speaker drop-off point similar to the collection point you passed on the way in. Please follow the directions of the parking team and stop to place your speaker on the table.  Please treat the speakers with respect and place them gently! We need them to bring the Drive-in experience to others!    Info@thelunacinema.com.