Warwick at War – Warwick Words Festival

Graham Sutherland’s latest book, Warwick at War 1939 – 1945, looks at life in Warwick during the Second World War.

Warwick was well prepared for air raids, despite squabbling amongst the organisers of our air defences – and some organisations being unwilling to help. Although the town ultimately experienced very little war damage, problems came with the influx of refugees and evacuees, following major air raids nearby, in particular, in Coventry. Meanwhile, scandal arose from the harsh disciplinarian activities of Chief Constable Kemble, which resulted in a Home Office enquiry. And, the arrival of visiting troops controversially attracted some ‘unattached women’. The end of the war brought its own problems, with controversial plans for housing and the redevelopment of the town …

Join Graham for an exploration of these aspects of the town’s 20th century history.

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