Up Down Sizing

One-woman comedy. A mother’ grapples with modern family life with millenial kids as all around her seem set on adding to the chaos. Nine characters, one actor, lots of laughs.

Ruth Rich is packing up the much-loved family home. The kids have flown the nest and it’s time to move on. Contracts are about to be exchanged and nothing can go wrong. Except that it has just started to rain and as storm clouds gather so do the millenial kids, each of whom has a problem of their own.

Edinburgh Fringe sell out, five star, award winning writer and performer, Ginny Davis, performs  her latest one woman play.

“Eminently entertaining. Davis has a wonderful confidence and natural gift for storytelling. As she populates the stage with the various characters, you actually forget she is alone up there, so vividly is the story told and acted – all with barely any scenery, stage or sound; except rainfall and her dead mother’s comical interjections.

8:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Contains some bad language.

Tickets: Play only £9 (£7 children and disabled). Dining Option including ticket £20 (£18.50 children) to include canapes and wine/soft drink.  Call box office to book 01926 776438 Email: boxoffice@warwickschool.org  Online booking at www.bridgehousetheatre.co.uk/production/updownsizing