The Queen’s Own Hussars Museum

The Queen’s Own Hussars Museum

The Cavalry Regiment of the West Midlands – the past to the present
Riding into Battle by Horse and Tank
One of the three Warwick Military Museums. For opening times please check on 01926 492797 or on www.thequeen’ and
go to Regimental Museum.

Within The Lord Leycester Hospital no further admission charge.
Covering over 300 years of service of the senior light cavalry regiment of the British Army, the lives of a few individuals have been chosen to bring to life each era. A chronology board relates the regimental and military events to other national and local historical events.

The Museum starts with the raising of the regiment and early service (1685-1742). The wars against the French (1742-1815) include the Battle of Dettingen and the story of Thomas Brown, the Gallant Dragoon. The Napoleonic Wars cases highlight the Peninsular Campaign and Waterloo.

19th Century and Colonial Wars (1815-1914) are illustrated through life-sized tableaux, one being a scene featuring Captain Walter Unett, a local man, and one and one of a stable and a trooper preparing his horse for review. There are displays commemorating the two Indian Mutiny VCs, photographs of 19th century life, and displays of pre-and post-khaki uniforms and equipment.

The museum has been further redeveloped in 2003/4. The new displays chart the changeover to modern tank warfare during the 1930s, Second World War, and post War highlights including peacekeeping.

An audio-visual experience shows the part played by the Regiment at great cost in the closing stages of the Battle of El Alamein, in the 8th Army under command of General Montgomery of the Warwickshire Regiment

The story into the 21st Century includes a large screen display of a Challenger 2 tank, showing all the crew positions and their tasks. There are also a Medal Collection, archives for research and enquiries, handling items, family fun activities, and a small shop.

The Lord Leycester Hospital, 60 High Street
CV34 4BH
Tel: +144 (0)1926 492035