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A performance telling the
remarkable story of the 
courage and devotion , of
Lady Dorothie Feilding,
working as an Ambulance
Driver on the Front line at
the Western Front during
the First World War


21st November

 Dunchurch Village Hall , Rugby Road, Dunchurch , Rugby CV22  6PN.

 Tickets : £3.00  National Trust Members  £2.00 

 Suitable for Adults and Older children  £2.00

Lady Dorothie, the daughter of the 9th Earl of Denbigh, was born in Newnham Paddox, near Rugby in. Warwickshire. At the beginning of the war she volunteered her services, to be recruited for the Hector Munro Ambulance Corps, and by September 1914 found herself in Belgium on the Western Front , driving ambulances up to the lines retrieving the wounded from the trenches and battlefields. She helped to save the lives of men from the various allied forces and nationalities. She was exposing herself to
many dangers, that the average woman did not encounter, and was putting her own life at risk in order to save the lives of others. Lady Dorothie Feilding was awarded the Belgium Order of Leopold on 3rd February 1915, the Croix de Guerre on the 14th August 1915, and finally on 6th September 1916 she was presented with The Military Medal by King George V at Windsor Castle, for her outstanding service and bravery, and was the first woman to receive such a medal.
Using some of the personal letters that she wrote to her mother and father, her Tale is unravelled to the audience, giving an insight and a sense of reality to the experience of being on the front line during the First
World War.’

A one woman performance,
telling the story,
from One
woman’s experience,
from One
woman’s perspective,
in World War One

Information used in the performance has been by the kind permission of Warwickshire County Record Office

And the Trustees of Lady Dorothie Feilding ( Moore) letters.“Reproduced and used with the permission of the Trustees of the residuary estate of Lady Dorothie Moore, to the extent that the copyright therein forms part of that residuary estate.”

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