Saint James’s Singers – War and Peace

The Saint James’s Singers are joining forces with the wonderful Fine Arts Brass and actor Kim Durham to present a programme of music and readings to commemorate the ending of the First World War a hundred years ago.  The concert takes place at the Collegiate Church of St Mary, Warwick, on Saturday 27 October starting at 7.30pm and is being given in aid of the Royal British Legion.

The programme will include a wide variety of readings and music, ranging from serious and sombre reflections on the suffering and heroism to  consideration of the comradeship and the humour used by the troops to help them get through.  And the concert will both open and close with a focus on peace, with quieter, more contemplative moments and a final looking forward with hope.

 Music will include works by Handel, Bach and Purcell as well as some songs and brass arrangements from the 1910s and one or two 21st century compositions.  There will be words from the war poets who so powerfully captured the horror and pity of war, accounts from local soldiers and some well chosen words from Shakespeare.

 All the details, including how to get tickets are on the attached flyer – and please note that in order to get a reserved seat, you will need to book in advance.